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  A glance at TIC

Nowadays, all communication devices used in the daily life, benefit from a common communication ground signifying a backbone network. Fixed telephony, cell phones and internet need a common network ground, known as communication infrastructure.

 The incumbent of this expanded network in Iran is Telecommunication Infrastructure Company; which was established in 2004 after notification of Art. 44 of the Constitution and transfer the telecommunication section of the company to private sector; after that, it is working as governmental company of ICT Ministry with the aim of creating, developing, managing, organizing, supervising, maintenance and implementation of the main telecommunication network and infrastructural activities. In fact, the management of the main telecommunication infrastructure is the first and foremost task of TIC.

TIC is the main incumbent of backbone telecommunication network of the country.

Outlook of TIC

1.     To achieve the first communication place in the region (to be the communication hub of the region).

2.     To be pioneer in the (qualitative and quantitative) development in the sector of the information and communications technology of the country, to rely on the modern and secure technologies and to have the highest place of the region.

3.     To be pioneer in introducing and rendering the modern communication services inside the country.

4.     To be customer-oriented and to respond the customers' requests in the shortest time with the lowest cost in proportionate to the level of the requested services.

5.     To be impressive and to be a role player of the international communities and unions and to have a constructive interaction with the global market.


  Main Objectives of TIC

1.      To develop the telecommunication backbones multilaterally based on the modern technologies proportionate to the current and future needs of the local and the international applicants in order to provide the integrated, sustainable, reliable and secure infrastructural services in the field of communication and information technology.

2.      To become communication hub of the region.

3.      To develop (quality and quantity) of services.

4.      To become a customer-oriented and productive (efficient and impressive) company.

5.      To have an effective presence in the regional and the international communication market and communities.

6.      To increase the revenue generation in the framework of the Article of Association of the company (with due observance of the social benefits and respect for the competitive environment of the private sector).


  Tasks of TIC

1.        To establish,  execute,  put into operation, market, develop, improve,  maintain, supervise and manage the national telecommunications infrastructural network and data communications,

2.          To meet the communication infrastructural needs of the applicants in the public, private and cooperative sectors rendering the telecommunication services in accordance with the international standards,

3.          To cooperate with the other telecommunication operators in the field of exchanging the communications and transiting the international traffic,

4.          To prepare and compile the comprehensive plans in the field of the communications infrastructure and the data communications networks on the basis of the requirements, needs, standards and regulations,

5.          To prepare and approve the technical and specialized instructions, regulations, criteria, and standards required by the company in the field of establishing, developing, and maintaining and putting into operation the infrastructural network.



1.     Connection to national IP network (internet),

2.      Connection to VPN/MPLS,

3.      Civil traffic transition (Interconnection),

4.      International traffic transmission (Interconnection),

5.      Border-to-border international traffic transition,

6.      Connection to global internet network,

7.      Connection to global internet network for telecommunications operators of neighbouring countries,

8.      Local and international telex,

9.      Lease lines (Data-HL),

10.   Telecommunications facilities (space, electricity (power feeding), tower)

11.   Providing links point to point national and international transmission

12.   Transfer of audio-visual bandwidth,

13.   VSAT satellite bandwidth.

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